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Our favorite simple birthday cakes that anyone can make - even if you haven't made a birthday cake before! With easy shortcuts and step-by-step — 3. Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake This cake takes me back to my childhood days of being at the mall and seeing

17 Budget-Friendly Kids' Birthday Party Ideas. A fun celebration doesn't need to cost a pretty Delicious ideas for easy-to-make birthday cakes that will be a smash hit at your next party. Check out our list of top smash cake ideas for your child—because while we that know your baby will be the

17. Honey oats cake: This cake is naturally sweetened with honey and balanced with oats. It is moist and super healthy. You can top it with flavored Creative First Birthday Cake Ideas. Unleash your creativity and let your ideas flow into the cake. And just in case you are running out of ideas, we have

A birthday cake is a cake eaten as part of a birthday celebration. Birthday cakes are often layer cakes with frosting served with small lit candles on top representing the celebrant's age.

Sleepover and Slumber Party Ideas If the 17th birthday party includes a sleepover check out our Sleepover and Slumber Party guide! Everyone loves trampolines! Water Park Spend all day at a nearby water park. Most have places and picnic tables to meet up for lunch and have birthday cake.

The Best Ideas for Mens 30th Birthday Cake Ideas .An optimal birthday celebration celebration scene is pals and family members gathered around vocal singing satisfied birthday celebration as well as …