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The Simpsons Main Character Index Simpson Family (Homer Jay Simpson) Springfield Elementary … The ensuing thank-you card has Burns thanking everyone except Homer (his face was obscured by an uneaten piece of chocolate and the box thrown out).

Homer Simpson birthday card. When you open it, Homer sings his "Fire Song". Hilarious.

The interior of a Simpsons-themed birthday card I was commissioned to do. Turned the birthday recipient themselves into a Simpsons character at the center of the whole thing. Drawing in the Simpsons style was difficult in starting out--and especially in the

Tagged with simpsons, indeed, happybirthday, mansbestfriend, thethingfromuranus; Shared by RelatedSimpsonsPicOrGif. It's Homers birthday! (He also apparently has blue eyes and lives in the great state of NT.)

According to The Simpsons Season 4 episode 16, 'Duffless', today is Homer Simpson's birthday. The classic cartoon father of three, who lives in Springfield, turns 60. That episode offers a peek at his less than flattering driver's license while a judge voids it for driving home drunk from the Duff Brewery Tour.