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25 November, 2017. How to bake your own birthday cake. Did you know that there is a tradition in Sweden that you bring your own cake on your birthday to your friends\colleagues? That's new (and also a little strange) to me, since in my culture it is vice versa - generally people get YOU a birthday

16. How to Make Your Own Cake Stand - Make your own pretty cake stand for an even prettier price! Instead of spending a small fortune on cake stands for each little girl, I created these little stands with a few simple items for only a few dollars each. They are super easy and incredibly versatile…the color

How to Save Money When Grilling This Summer. It's no fun to be an angel on your birthday. So let's be deliciously bad with this celebratory recipe. This cake combines rich, dark chocolate with ancho chile, just enough to add complexity and a little zing without burning anyone's tongue — unless you

How to make a chocolate hedgehog cake delicious. magazine. This chocolatey, hedgehog-shaped cake is a hit at kids' birthday parties. Learn how to make this impressive bake with our step-by-step guide.

Our favorite simple birthday cakes that anyone can make - even if you haven't made a birthday It's just a cake made from a cake mix and she walks you through how to hollow out the center. Here's another tip - go to the bakery and ask for a plain frosted cake and then you could add your own cute

Anyone can make it and everyone will love this Pop Up Birthday Card Cake! Recently, I have had a think about easy pop up birthday card diys! Today we share a fun 3d Cake Card - this can also be made as pop up Wedding Cake card (as shared in my new Paper Crafts book!) and can be