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Treat Dreams: Minnie Mouse 1st Birthday Cake

"Minnie Mouse is very light, and delicate, and feminine, so we have lemon and strawberry and vanilla flavors in her cake," Bowser says. "Goofy, he's got some real fun, interesting flavors in there, so he's got three different kinds of chocolate, and some popping candy in there, so that's a really nice surprise."

Place the Minnie Mouse topper, birthday candles and candleholders, and plastic rings in any arrangement on top of the birthday cake. This 17-piece set of birthday cake decorations is all you need to customize a sheet cake at your child's Minnie Mouse birthday party.

Minnie mouse edible round birthday cake topper decoration personalised. Minnie Mouse Cake and Cupcake Toppers, Walt Disney, Red Bow, Birthday, Mickey.

Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitation. Customize this Happy Birthday Flyer (US Letter) Template.

Minnie Mouse Sheet Cake . First Birthday Bear Cake . If you're planning a Minnie Mouse birthday party, check out the 10 Cutest Minnie Mouse Cakes. These Minnie Mouse cake designs will blow you away with their creativity.

Cute Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake. This cute Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake was made by Vicky Rodriguez. This is a barrel cake that is white with black polka dots. A 2-D Minnie is on the side of the cake.